As a pawn shop, we specialize in providing you with collateral loans. This is an old practice dating back thousands of years. You bring us an item of value (pawn), and we hold it for you until you pay back your loan. You have 120 days to either pay back your loan or pay your interest and storage fees which will then extend your loan, allowing you more time to repay your debt. Look around your house, you'll probably find items that could help you with your electric bill, tuition, or provide you with extra cash for a weekend getaway.

You may wish to sell us your items instead.

Check your jewelry box...

we'll buy your old diamond ring, broken necklace, or scrap gold.

We will pay you a fair and competitive price for your items.

We are also a great place to shop! We offer hundreds of items, new and used, below retail price. Our show room is filled with fine jewelry, guitars, firearms, game systems, TV's, hand tools, and more!

:Frequently Asked Questions:

What items do you accept as a pawn?

We accept practically anything of value,

although we specialize in the three" G's",


My ID is expired, can I still get a loan?

NO. You must be able to provide

a Current Driver's License or State I.D.

to conduct business with us.

Will someone mess with my stuff?

Absolutely NOT.

We have been in business

for over 60+ years,

and have a reputation as being

Honest and Trustworthy.

Your items are safe and secure with us.